Parent's Guide

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for the children that are enrolled in our programs. We ask that the parents help us out with this guideline list to ensure that our programs are able to run as smooth as possible.

Please make sure that all children have gone to the bathroom prior to class time.

Please dress your children in athletic appropriate clothes. Clothes that are suited for running around and getting dirty. Also, proper shoes must be worn and please tie all shoes in double knots. There will be no cleats allowed inside the gym - must have gym shoes.

Please do not bring any children if they are sick! To ensure the safety and comfort of your child, other children and the coaches, we ask that an ill child not participate in class for as long as they are sick.

If a class is to be held outside, make sure that the children are dressed appropriately for the weather. Always wear more! This way jackets can be taken off if desired. If an additional location is available due to bad weather, please have gym shoes available to wear inside the gym. No cleats will be allowed. Make sure that the coach has given you the weather hot line number to the park or facility.

Please pick up and drop of your children on time. Our instructors have classes before and after your child's program, sometimes at different locations. We strive to be on time and ask that you respect the time of other children as well. If someone else is picking up your child other than Mom or Dad, please notify the coaches and make sure the child knows as well.

For our indoor programs, we ask that only the children enrolled in the class remain in the gym or designated area. As much as we would love for siblings and parents to see what our programs are about, we have found that when we parents and siblings are in the gym this can cause major distractions to the coaches and children involved in the program. We ask that you respect the children's time and space so that they can better absorb our instruction and interact with the other children in the program. We want to create a pressure free environment, where kids can be kids.

All Parents are invited to participate the last day of each session. This will enable you to see what your child has learned.  Please do not allow younger or older siblings to participate.  If they must come in, bring someone to watch them while you participate with your child.

Sometimes due to circumstances out of our control, it may be necessary to change or cancel a regularly scheduled class. We apologize for the inconvenience. If we must cancel the coach will find a time to reschedule the class.

The coaches and Park District need to be aware of any mental or physical disabilities that could effect how a child acts or effects how a child performs. Coaches would also like to be aware of any allergies a child may have. Please notify the coaches if a child has any type of asthma and what you want the coaches to do in case of an attack.

Although most equipment is provided, some equipment is required from the participating child.  Equipment varies for each sport. Please check with the coach and the Program Guide.


Let us know how the session went!

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