Data and Analytics

We know our programs, camps, and leagues are great, but we also understand that your park district needs data and analytics to back that statement up. Below you will find various statistics, breakdowns, and ratios that prove how great our company and our programs truly are.

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Program Statistics

With 4 seasonal sessions and many of them broken into multiple parts, we see a large number of participants. We place a high value on participant/parent satisfaction with our programs and the collected data supports that statement. Here is a breakdown of a few key statistics from an average single session with All Star Sports Instruction.

  • Number of Participants:
  • Number of Participants per Program:
  • Participant to Coach Ratio:
  • Average Number of Participants per Park District:

Website Data

Our website ( serves as a resource for prospective participants and their families, current players and parents, and coaches. You can easily find information about ASSI as a company, who works here, league rosters/schedules, weather updates, our sponsors, and more. Below are some key metrics (via Google Analytics) over the past 6 months (August 1, 2017 through January 31, 2018)

  • Pageviews: 8,378
  • Individual Users: 1,890
  • Most Visited Pages: Homepage, Schedules, About, Employment, Sponsors
  • User Sessions: 3,219
  • Cities: Chicago, St. Charles, Batavia, Geneva, Aurora, Downers Grove, Park Ridge, Naperville, Lisle

Social Media Insights

Our various social media platforms allow All Star Sports Instruction participants and their families to easily have up to date information and content about their programs. They can view program photos and videos, quickly message us if they have questions, and share their experiences with ASSI. Our social media accounts allow for a more personal relationship with the participants and their families. They can directly share their experience and photos with, not only ASSI, but their friends and family as well. Below are some various insights from our social media accounts during an average month.


  • Actions on Page: 5
  • Page Views: 56
  • Page Likes: 4
  • Post Reach: 1,236
  • Post Engagements: 264
  • Page Followers: 5
  • Average Reach per Post: 560
  • Message Response Time: 2 minutes


  • Impressions: 3,652
  • Reach: 612
  • Profile Views: 246
  • Followers: 3
  • Average Likes per Post: 14
  • Average Viewers per Instagram Story: 42


  • Impressions: 971
  • Profile Visits: 52
  • Follows: 1
  • Engagement: 3.8%